Samsung’s UNxxES series of HDTVs comes in three flavors, 46, 55 and 60 inch models. Since these all share basically the same running technology and display controllers it’s important to know the differences you get with different sized television screen while keeping the technology the same. This is a short Samsung UN46ES6003x  Review in which I will describe both the pros and cons of the 46 inch model, while explaining what makes this high definition television such a big hit in the market. First of all, in smaller rooms a huge television might really cause eye strain and in some cases you might not have enough room to fit one. I myself barely fitted the 46 inch model in my room as I have plenty of closets and many other wall mounted furniture which I wasn’t going to move in order to fit a television. Keep in mind that 46 inch is still quite a decent size for a television and should be enough for most living rooms.

Same resolution, smaller diagonal

PPI or pixels per inch has become quite a significant indication of a screen’s quality and for the right reasons. It has been proven that at a specific distance the human eye can’t notice dots as pixels when watching at a device. For handhelds this is around 300 PPI. For television sets, like the one mentioned in this Samsung UN46ES6003x  Review, the pixel per inch ratio can be dramatically lower, taken into account that you watch your television from a longer distance. This makes the picture quality barely noticeably better in real life situations and gets noticeable only when you come really close to your TV. For this reason, I take that 1080p is more than enough of resolution real-estate for any kind of video content you watch on your television. On this particular TV the Blu-Ray content is crystal clear and there is absolutely no blur, thanks to the 120Hz refresh rate.

Additional features

Being quite an expensive television, I wanted to mention some additional features in this Samsung UN46ES6003x  Review which might motivate you to make the final purchase. Possibly the most important aspect, for me at least, is the ultra slim design; thanks to the LED technology used for lighting, this is possible. Regular LCD TV’s which do not feature LED lighting are always more bulky and the image quality isn’t as vivid – this is especially noticeable with pure black color. Also, I really like the build quality of this TV as it has a stand made out of aluminum which doesn’t have even the slightest give to it.

Using your HDTV

If you don’t have proper content to run on your HDTV, you will be missing all the fun out of it. First of all, consider getting a gaming console. PS3 is a great value for your money as it also works as a Blu-Ray player, which will definitely blow your mind with crisp visuals. I hope this Samsung UN46ES6003x  Review was helpful and informative to you.

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