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If you are a shopping addict, then you surely must be acquainted with wholesale clothing purchase, as it is one of the most desirable ways of owning high-quality pieces of clothes at very affordable prices. You won’t find many retailers who offer this kind of sales preposition, however the ones that do offer this unique opportunity, sell only seasonal clothing. In order to be able to sell the items at such low prices, the retailers have to buy the clothes directly from the manufacturer, cutting out the distributors and the other middle men and save money on needless costs. The sale of affordable clothing lines in the big clothing manufacturing countries usually takes place at certain merchandise mart area, place where the manufacturers bring samples of their clothing lines and the buyers decide which line they choose to buy. The rule of the sale is really simple: the more items you buy, the bigger the discount. Wholesale clothing for women is one of the most lucrative areas of commerce as women are the targeted group when it comes to shopping for clothes.

How to buy wholesale clothes

Wholesale clothing for women

Many women are puzzled by the idea of purchasing a high-quality dress at price as low as 10 dollars, and they cannot fully understand the idea of wholesale clothing for women and men. Certain retailers that are located in USA or Europe secure low costing clothing lines simply because they purchase the clothes from the poor economically developed parts of Southeast Asia and China, where the manufacture and labor costs are extremely low, however, some retailers such as ApparelCandy.com mainly sell items that were made in USA. The reputable online wholesale retailers usually state the country of origin of their items, so if you are worried about the trade imbalance or the quality of the craftsmanship, you can only order clothes from the retailers that sell clothes from your country.

Wholesale prices

When it comes to purchasing wholesale clothing for women, great portion of the women shy away from these clothing lines simply because they do not believe that a high-quality dress can cost that little money. However, the interesting truth is that the vast majority of the clothing lines do cost that little, however the prices are inflated because of the distributing, packing and shipping fees, plus certain brands do not accept selling certain items under certain prices, so at the end you get a wholesale dress that costs only 10 dollars, and you will pay 100 dollars for it.

How to buy wholesale clothes

Although the wholesale clothes do have very appealing prices, my advice is to order wholesale clothing for women or men only from a reputable retailers, as some of the prices may be that low due to the fact that have some obvious flaw in the material or the craftsmanship. In addition to this, it is good idea to purchase the affordable clothing pieces only from retailers that have valid return policy, so you won’t be stuck with an unusable product. If you are interesting in high-quality and modern pieces of clothes, do visit the webpage of ApprelCandy.com.